Welcome to Hôtel D’Melin

Located in the heart of the coastal tourist city of Vung Tau, Hôtel D’Melin embodies the essence of a luxurious and elegant boutique hotel, blending modernity with a touch of colonial charm in its architectural design and decoration inspired by Indochinese style.

Hôtel D’Melin features 34 well-appointed rooms, each equipped with full amenities that meet 4-star standards. With private balconies and separate windows, guests can easily enjoy breathtaking views of the beautiful and cool Vung Tau beach or the lively culinary street nearby.

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Welcome to

Compass Restaurant

With Indochinese architecture and warm tones creating a gentle and elegant atmosphere, the space at Compass Restaurant Vung Tau is full of colors, suitable for family parties, business meetings, to romantic date nights for couples in love.

 The restaurant with a capacity of nearly 100 people is also a suitable place to hold large and small parties. In particular, the system of VIP rooms with a capacity of 10-15 people helps create a private space for business meetings, family gatherings or birthday parties.

 Compass Restaurant Vung Tau with a diverse menu, alternating between typical European and Vietnamese dishes creates a rich culinary picture, meeting all the needs of diners. Each dish contains the whole enthusiasm and creativity of skilled chefs that will surely bring diners a memorable culinary experience.

Swimming pool at Hôtel D’Melin

Greeting the early morning rays by the D’Melin swimming pool, enjoying a relaxing time with a special breakfast is the highlight of the perfect vacation for visitors in the coastal town of Vung Tau. Immersing yourself in the clear blue water of the swimming pool, enjoying a European breakfast with a cup of fragrant Vietnamese coffee, you can fully live in every memorable moment for their vacation.

 A cup of coffee on the balcony

Contemplating Vung Tau beach with your loved ones when the sunset is slowly falling which is a romantic scene that every couple should experience at least once in their life.

Vung Tau – Where to go???

If you do not know where to go or what to do during your stay in Vung Tau, Hôtel D’Melin is ready to suggest many attractive destinations such as: Small Mountain, Go Gang island, Ngoc island, Hon Ba temple…

The Classy Bar

Served drinks on demand

Compass Restaurant

Luxuriously decorated private room

Cigar Room

The luxury of elite